Tire Studding
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13 - 15"


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16 - 17"


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18 - 19"


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  • What are studded tires?

    Studded tires involve the process of inserting metal studs into the tread surface of the tire.

  • What are the benefits?

    In ice or slush conditions, studded tires will bite into the road, where non-studded tires will simply slide, providing you with peace of mind in our treacherous Canadian winters.

  • Are studded tires right for me?

    This greatly depends on the roads you typically drive on. Studded tires make a large difference ice and slush, but don’t add any additional grip in snowy conditions.

  • Will studs damage my tire?

    Studs will not damage your tire, as they will wear with the tread of your tire.

  • When can tires be studded?

    Tires can only be studded when brand new.

  • Sounds great, whats the catch?!

    – As studded tires are basically metal spikes sticking out of your tire, they can cause road damage if driven on dry pavement. Due to this, many provinces will have a specified date as to which you can run studded tires. Failure to comply can result in fines. Saskatchewan and Alberta currently have no restrictions on studded tires.
    – As expected, studding will make the tire louder. However, the trade off for peace of mind is well worth the tapping noise.

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